Meaningful Exploration Awaits!

Gusto Trips LLC partners with locals to provide affordable, customizable, life-changing travel experiences to students, teams & groups.

"After voyages to over 85 countries, I'm more convinced than ever that experiences gained from international travel transform and enrich our lives."      - Bryce Bohne, Gusto Trips CEO 

Check out our latest trip to Morocco!

“Mr. Bohne’s trips to Italy, The Vatican, Minnesota, Morocco and Canary Islands were life-changing and fun! I really enjoyed the meaningful conversations our group had with the locals. The activities and interactions we had definitely gave me new ideas to accept or reject, and taught me a lot about myself and my home country. ”

-Adil Skalli, HS Student


Offering Customizable Travel to 40+ Countries


Explore Foreign Landscapes, Languages, People and Cultures

Bryce Bohne


  • Our trips are customized to cater to the unique desires of each group

  • We place a special emphasis on authentic learning experiences

  • Student-driven in order to transform the lives of the travelers as well as the hosting communities.

Bryce Bohne

Cross Cultural

  • Cross-cultural experiences increase critical thinking, mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Cross-cultural experiences encourage confidence and are fun.

  • Cultural awareness leads to empathy, peace and understanding.

Bryce Bohne


  • We strive to provide our services at the most affordable price in order to give access to beneficial learning experiences to as many people as possible.