"I really enjoyed the meaningful conversations we had with the locals."

Anonymous surveys reflected that 93% of clients were "Happy" or "Extremely Happy" with their Gusto Trips travel experience.

​“I’ve gone on several unforgettable trips with Mr. Bohne, ranging from Model United Nations conferences in Rabat and Milan, to climbing Mt. Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains. These experiences have made a huge impact on my life, as I’ve developed a passion for traveling and a greater appreciation of local and foreign cultures. The special thing about Bryce as a leader is he does a spectacular job of encouraging others to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself, and pushes those around him to learn from and fully savor these various experiences. For example, although our goal in Milan was to participate in a MUN conference, Bryce took us out to feed the homeless during our free time. This added experience afforded our group of North Africans a unique perspective on the unequal distribution of wealth that exists even in developed European countries, and gave us a good reminder that no matter where we are we can always help others along the way. ”


“I’ve been on three trips to four countries with Bryce. He made every moment an adventure and squeezed the most out of every opportunity. Bryce is fun, personable and has plenty of knowledgeable about other cultures because of his travel experiences I really hope I can have another travel experience with him in the future!”


“As a parent now I fully realize the importance of providing not only material needs for my son, but also thought-provoking experiences to help him grow in wisdom, confidence, and independence. After sending my son on Mr. Bohne’s educational trips to Italy, Spain, Southern Morocco, and the United States, I can tell Mr. Bohne looks after the kids as if they were his own. Each time my son returns to me with a more discerning global perspective and a greater passion to impact the world in a positive way.”


“Traveling to Brazil with Bryce changed my life in so many ways. Not only did I receive a rich experience, but I also gave back to the host communities by teaching English. I’m so happy I gained this invaluable experience while I was younger because it is an experience that I can draw from and reflect on for the rest of my life. ”​


“I would highly recommend traveling with Bryce Bohne. As a fellow co-worker in Morocco we planned five Model United Nations trips together; three international and two within Morocco. Internationally we went to Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In addition we planned a senior class trip to the Canary Islands (Spain). Bryce’s vast travel experience was helpful when planning the details of such trips that include visa approvals for a diverse student group with passports from varying countries. Bryce was also able to expedite several cumbersome processes because of his knowledge and charisma. Bryce consistently made good decisions when dealing with a variety of issues, ranging from accommodation to behavior of students. 
The students loved traveling with Bryce. His easy-going nature and personality give him an excellent rapport with the students. You can trust Bryce to be responsible for the safety of his students, yet also ensure that they have fun. I appreciated how Bryce encouraged the students to experience the culture of the countries we were visiting and to speak to the locals, to not just be a tourist. Every student I know who has traveled with Mr. Bohne has had a great time. Bryce is someone I would happily travel with any time!

Feel free to contact me for more information: cgdelong@gmail.com”​