Founder: Bryce Bohne

CEO and Guide

Growing up in Minnesota, Bryce Bohne was taught from an early age that befriending foreigners is an excellent opportunity to broaden one's perspectives on life. As a 14-year-old he set out to visit some relatives in Guatemala. Through this cultural exchange (and many others that followed) he developed:

(1) a hunger for exploration,

(2) a passion to learn about diverse peoples and cultures,

(3) a unique confidence and that comes from real life experience,

Since 2000 Bryce has visited over 85 countries—studying in Chile, Egypt, Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine), Russia, USA, and Uzbekistan, and teaching in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and USA.  As an undergraduate at Bethel University (St. Paul, Minnesota) he studied International Relations and Political Science.  After teaching in North and West Africa for four years he returned to Minnesota to earn his first Master’s degree in Social Studies Education in 2013.  Recently he completed coursework towards his second Master's degree in educational leadership, and has earned his K-12 administrator's licensure through the University of Minnesota. 

Bryce is very enthusiastic about teaching and learning.  However, the most rewarding moments in his educational career have come through experiences of self-motivated exploration that took place outside the formal classroom setting.  These educational experiences made him eager to organize and lead a variety of travel opportunities for high school students and other young adults.  Bryce has successfully organized and led over 50 international experiential-learning trips for individuals and large groups.