Live, learn, and experience life like a local in the destination(s) of your choosing

The beauty of Gusto Trips is our ability to offer highly customized tours that focus specifically on our clients’ specific requests for affordable prices.  After learning about the purpose(s) of your trip we provide the exact unique experience you’re looking for! Our amazing network of local contacts can accommodate almost any request!  

Want to see the spectacular sites but also be immersed in the culture by spending a few days with host families? No problem!

Do you coach a team and want some international competition while strengthening team camaraderie? We arrange games at   almost any level of competition in over 30 countries!

On a mission to retreat into nature, surf, hike, camp, AND also do meaningful volunteer/mission work? Great!  Tell us where and we’ll organize it for you!

Want an awesome family vacation, but are bored of the all-inclusive communities and cruises? Let us take you off the beaten track while also catering to your specific level of comfort.

Take the first step. Email us now with some basic information to get a quote!  

Explore Foreign Landscapes, Languages, People and Cultures


  • Our trips are customized to cater to the unique desires of each group

  • We place a special emphasis on authentic learning experiences

  • Student-driven in order to transform the lives of the travelers as well as the local hosting community

Cross Cultural

  • Cross-cultural experiences increase happiness levels, understanding, and ones individual wealth in experience

  • Cultural awareness leads to a more peaceful coexistence globally


  • We strive to provide our services at the most affordable price in order to give access to beneficial learning experiences to as many people as possible

​"Adventuring with Gusto Trips is fun, insightful, empowering, and safe!"